Our Test Cell

However capable a company’s equipment is, it is valueless without the right personnel.

At RUNWAY 42 you are in the best possible hands.

With a combined Dyno operating experience of over 30 years, Ian Sandford brings a wealth of knowledge to maximise the potential of your vehicle.

Our in-house designed test cell environment contains variable airflow ventilation and fume extraction systems to provide sufficient cooling for high performance vehicles under extended drive cycle tests at high load.

Our Maha MSR 500/3 PKW 4WD is just one important part of the Test Cell. It has independently driven and matched wheel speed roller sets to allow testing of cars with asymmetrical torque split, AWD systems or hybrid powertrains.

It also allows for vehicle to be tested with all 4 wheels turning even in 2wd applications for accurate measurements on modern road vehicles with complex ABS / traction control software and allows AWD cars to be tested accurately and at high speeds up to 188mph and up to 2600 BHP.

A Dyno test session consists of a full throttle power test to determine bhp and torque at the wheels plus calculated flywheel figures.

We also monitor parameters through the on-board diagnostics port of the vehicle making sure our state of the art cooling and extraction fans are keeping the engine temperatures and other safety related features running at optimum efficiency throughout the run.

A Dyno test session is £500.00 plus VAT. (Please allow up to four hours per session)